A World Without E-mail: One Man’s Vision of a Social Workplace – Wear Sunscreen

9 thoughts on “A World Without E-mail: One Man’s Vision of a Social Workplace – Wear Sunscreen”

  1. Luis,
    Happy for you to get such a mention and article!
    Yes it’s a great video and so true. I might add, for Americans, live outside the US for a year or 2, and see the US from a whole different perspective. I spent 5 outside of it and it changed my view forever.

    1. Hi Keith! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the kind feedback! It surely has been a blast! Still recovering from catching up with all of the threads it’s opened! Fantastic! Exactly what I wanted with the interview in the first place! hehe

      RE: video, yeah, I know what you mean! To date is one of my Top 3 video clips I never tire of watching! In fact, whenever I see a need to have a listen and be reminded again, I go ahead and do that; it helps me re-focus on what really matters and what we should be worrying about! Even if that means leaving outside the country!

      I can share that same experience where I lived outside Spain for nearly 10 years and, boy, did that change my perspective on things, indeed! Guess that’s another subject for another blog post or perhaps over a drink or two 😉

      Thanks again for the feedback! Greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Steve! Thanks a bunch for the kind comments and for dropping by! Glad you are enjoying these blog posts, as well as the ones related to the iPad; there will be plenty more to come, for sure! Already working on Week #3 for this week! hehe As well as sharing some further insights on helping folks reduce their inbox clutter 🙂

      Stay tuned and thanks for the heads up!

    1. Hi Jo! Awww, you are most welcome! Many thanks for those lovely comments and for the great follow-up article! I have just checked it out and will surely drop a quick comment about it shortly! It’s a great write-up and surely inspiring to see how others are willing to reduce some of their inbox clutter! Way cool!

      You, too, folks, keep up the great work of spreading those great biz ideas! 🙂

  2. Luis: thanks for taking the time to offer such an elaborate reply to my comments on the Mashable post! I was becoming a bit self-conscious about the length of my own comments, and so thought it would be better to bring them here.

    [Side note: the relatively small size of the text box for comments here on the blog seem to encourage brevity … but I’ll press on nonetheless.]

    I have worked for large organizations with varying degrees of openness to the adoption and use of social media and other platforms for sharing. Some of this experience comes from a pre Web 2.0 era, but even more recently, openness and sharing does not seem to come naturally to most of the people I’ve interacted with (in large organizations).

    Regarding the examples you shared on Mashable:

    1. Finding an expert in 5-10 minutes (vs. 2-3 hours) is, indeed, a significant achievement, but I wonder how one might go about investigating trends throughout the organization.

    2. I, too, have assembled Powerpoint decks representing work done in various parts of a firm I’ve worked for (in fact, I’ve done this in every organization I’ve worked for). As a counter-example, I’ll also note that I once visited an office where a colleague – another employee of the same firm – would only give me a printed copy of a slide deck he’d prepared. So I guess my earlier comment about identifying the appropriate social software tool (e.g., wikis vs. threaded discussion tools) should be expanded to include appropriate culture for sharing.

    3. I totally agree that sharing outside of the inbox can be a powerful – and empowering – form of preemptive self-disclosure, but I also know from my own experience that sending emails with links to other sources can be very problematic, especially when firewalls are involved. And having recently compiled some research (including some by IBM Researcher Jeff Pierce) on mobile Internet intent, action and inaction, I believe the increasing access of email through mobile phones adds another dimension that does not always result in more effective sharing. But perhaps the broader use of non-email tools will help reduce such technology-induced bottlenecks.

    Finally, thanks for sharing that video – inspiring (and relevant) on many levels!

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