What the … Is Social Media Anyway?

2 thoughts on “What the … Is Social Media Anyway?”

  1. Luis
    Glad to have found that video – a very accessible introduction to where we’re at with social media. The Facebook statement is interesting – not sure I agree either – but I was pretty impressed when I saw for example that Farmville (a very popular Facebook application/social game) is getting 80,000,000+ (yes 80million!) active users now, with Facebook at 400 million users reportely. Staggering. See http://mashable.com/2010/02/20/farmville-80-million-users/

    The other video from Socialnomics about 6 months ago now, is impressive too. You’ve probably seen it:

  2. Great video, thanks for sharing. I still have clients who don’t understand why they need to invest in social media, so every additional bit of persuasive content really helps!

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