When This All Gets Cool, It’s All about The People and Your Passion

12 thoughts on “When This All Gets Cool, It’s All about The People and Your Passion”

    1. They may well be, but then again, like I have mnetioned above, it’s never been about the social tools themselves, but the behaviours they help provoke and inspire 😉 (And that’s where our focus should well be…)

      1. Couldn’t agree more! Tools are and will stay only a means of transporting the message. I am quite sure, that there will be plenty of them coming and going in the near and far future.
        Luis, I’m sure we will have great conversations around this at http://somesso.com/london10/! Looking forward to your thoughts.

  1. Damn, Luis. If this isn’t a hint of what we’re going to be talking about, I’m an insensitive clod incapable of understanding what the hell is going on. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I haven’t read Chris’s post yet, but you can bet I will. When I told you I wanted to bone up on my Spanish, I didn’t expect to be challenged so quickly, but I’ll try reading Victor’s post as well (maybe I’ll use Google’s translation tools 🙂 I don’t know if you have ever read my profile in FB, but I hinted at this myself. Now I can pursue it in ways I couldn’t even imagine a couple weeks ago. Thanks again. Hasta la proxima.


    1. First, thanks again to Luis: I totally enjoyed his talk. He was very clear and persuasive. By avoiding the slides and gagdets, and the questions he asked to students, Luis guided to students to conclude by themselves how useful are social tools, not how to use them. He nailed it.

      Rick, you can read my post in English (or something close to English 😉 I have translated at Luis Suárez (IBM) and his war against email.

      Luis, you have a point: passion is crucial in business. And often passion is something people think to experience when the work day is finished. And the root cause is probably in poisonous corporate culture, through poor management education, which prevents both talent development and innovation. Let’s hope things improve in the not so distant future.

      1. Victor – Thanks. I just read your post. I have no doubt your English reads far better than my Spanish would :). Thanks so much for pointing me there. Luis has a great deal to teach any of us who care to listen. I am!

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