The Business Value of Social Software by Luis Suarez

3 thoughts on “The Business Value of Social Software by Luis Suarez”

  1. Hi Luis,

    Great post. Your story almost matches my own. I joined Oracle in 2002 and in late 2004 I started working a few days per week from home, in order to beat the daily commute. Then in late 2006 we moved to Kilkenny which is a 3 hour one-way door to door journey. Since the move I only go to the office a few days each month.

    As with you, I would not have been able to do it without Social Software. This has enabled me to connect with people in a way that would have been really difficult just using email or the corporate intranet. In fact it has been so useful that I’ve found my network expanding well beyond Europe, and on a daily basis I interact with people in Asia and America, despite the timezone differences.

    At present we have just setup a Home Worker network to help people feel more connected and part of the company when working from home. In fact in the next few weeks we hope to hold our first Virtual Coffee Break!!

    Thanks for the blog, it’s always an interesting read and very motivating.

    P.S. Hope you enjoyed St.Patrick’s day. It’s my first one as a father so consequently it’s the least hungover I’ve been on March 18th in about 15 years!!!.

    1. Hi Frank! Thanks ever so much for the kind comments and for the feedback input! Really appreciate you sharing your story as well, and it makes me feel very happy about it as well, because I was sure already I was not the only one in “this situation”. And the fact you have come over here to share yours is just the proof that there are plenty of us working under these new ways of connecting, reaching out, collaborating and sharing our knowledge and the fact that we have proved we can be equally productive, if not more!, regardless where we may well be, is just the whole point behind social software and its business value.

      I know for a well known fact that without it, I wouldn’t have stuck around in the company for as long as I have so far, and still going strong. I am sure there’d be plenty of others feeling the same way themselves on how they live social computing within the corporate world!

      PS. With regards to St. Patrick’s Day, it was fantastic! I had a GREAT time! It’s a big thing over here where I live, since there are plenty of folks celebrating it, but the fact that it marked the 5th anniversary since I came over here to live, was very special! And I felt it the next morning, too! LOL

      Take care and speak to you soon!

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