Trip to Madrid and Barcelona to Present at Lotusphere Comes to You on Enterprise 2.0

9 thoughts on “Trip to Madrid and Barcelona to Present at Lotusphere Comes to You on Enterprise 2.0”

  1. Hi Luis – I’m really glad you are giving that presentation at LCTY (or LL-a-S-C, en espanol?). Sandra and I were wondering what you were going to present (since we did this one at LS2009 Orlando), so I would be interested in your presentation, if you post it somewhere we can see it. I’m sure it is in the best of hands whatever you do.


    1. Hi Chris! Many thanks for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Yes, I am really looking forward to it, although it would not be as extensive and thorough as the one you guys did. In principle we have got about 30 minutes for both Quickr and Connections, as well as the discussion on the business value of social software. So it should be rather intense. For sure.

      I hope to share the slide deck as soon as I possibly can, although one thing you would need to be aware of is that it is writing in Spanish, so you may need to polish your Spanish skills heh 😉

      Thanks again and will keep you posted!

  2. Thanks Luis! Yes, we were wondering how you could fit it all in 30 minutos. Spanish is okay for me. I can remember most of it to read, if not speak it well anymore.

    1. Hi Chris! Thanks for the follow up! Glad Spanish won’t be a problem for you. hehe Stay tuned for more to come on this subject.

      With regards to time constraints, yes, it is going to be interesting to see how we can fit around 2.5 hours of Lotusphere sessions in just 30 minutes. I am sure that will prove to be a big challenge. Starting already with the slide deck which has gone through a massive shortening of most of the slides to just fit in the right messages and hope the discussion will be just as lively!

      Thanks again and will let you know how things develop! 🙂

  3. Hola Luis,
    Sigo tu blog desde hace tiempo. Ahora me he llevado una alegría al ver que podré conocerte, ya que yo también asistiré al Lotusphere en España. Me gustaría hablar contigo acerca de la Enterprise 2.0. Acudiré a ambas sesiones, ya que trabajo para uno de los partners que estarán presentes este año como Gold Sponsors (SOGETI).

    1. Hola Rafa! Muchas gracias por los comentarios y por dejarte por aquí. ¡¡Se agradece el detalle!! Me alegro de que también puedas atender el Lotusphere en España en ambas ciudades y seguro que podremos hablar largo y tendido en ambas ocasiones. Simplemente en cuanto me veas dame un toque y seguimos hablando …

      ¡Gracias de nuevo por animarte a entrar en contacto y con ganas de vernos en un par de días!


  4. Hola Luis,

    Me alegro de leer esta entrada en tu blog. Por fin, podré conocerte. El paso de virtual a físico, “unvmwaring”… Ojalá tengamos unos minutos para charlar. Estaré encantado de saludarte. Saludos desde Barcelona. Allí estaré. Albert Buendía.

    1. ¡Hola Albert! ¡Muchas gracias por dejarte caer por aquí y confirmar que también estarás en Barcelona! ¡¡Estupendo!! No te preocupes que seguro que tendremos unos minutos para charlar largo y tendido y para eso ya me encargo yo, jeje. Muchas gracias de nuevo y cuando me veas por allí saluda y “the rest will follow…”.


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