Why I’m Enjoying Travelling Less and Less

5 thoughts on “Why I’m Enjoying Travelling Less and Less”

  1. Luis, welcome to the United States!

    Please join a line. Your business is important to us and someone will be with you just as soon as we deal with the 437 other people in the line in front of you.

    Have a nice day.

    By the way, we are experiencing the coldest weather in a decade right now so I hope you brought some warm clothing. You might have noticed that this is NOT Gran Canaria!

  2. Hi David! Many thanks for the warm welcome! Greatly appreciated! And I just couldn’t help ROFLing!!! when reading your first few words in that comment above!!! Amazing!!! That’s also part of what I experienced in various other trips, although with not such a large queue waiting! 😛

    I did bring some warm clothing with me, since I saw while I was in Gran Canaria what the weather was like over here, but, man, is it cold or WHAT?!?!? Even here in Raleigh temperatures have been incredibly low! And Boston? What can I say about Boston, my friend, that hasn’t been said already?!?!?

    Yes, indeed, this is NOT Gran Canaria! hehe Have a good one! 🙂

  3. You may notice that most license plates on cars here in the states have a tag line. Example, Illinois has “Land of Lincoln”, Maine has “Vacation Land”, etc. I want to sponsor a petition here in the state of Florida to change our tag line from “The Sunshine State” to “The Land of Lines.” Spend a day in Orlando at or near a theme park and you get the idea. It’s also reflected in our traffic, grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. Lines – it’s all the rage now!

  4. Ouchie, Mike! I can’t wait then to head down to Orlando on Sunday and enjoy some of those queues! Amazing stuff! One thing that I hope will happen though is not to get my luggage lost! Been there three times already and all three times my luggage went missing & got it a few days later! Hope this time around it would be different, otherwise I would have to wait on another queue to get things sorted out! Grrr

    Fingers crossed! 🙂

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