The Business Value of Social Networking by David Tebbutt

4 thoughts on “The Business Value of Social Networking by David Tebbutt”

    1. Hi Richard! Thanks for the kind comments and for dropping by. Interesting feedback, looks like some folks still need to open up a bit in order to make things happen faster. I am not sure what the end-result of the covnersation would be like, but I surely know that sometimes you rather catch the train and get on board or you will miss it for good. Hope those folks are the ones wanting to catch it. Good luck and wish you luck!
      Thanks again for the feedback!

  1. Very nice post, indeed, and I also really enjoy to see that other companies are more open to creating social networks, even for communication with their customers, yeay!
    I have two questiona: how do you encounter people with arguments that people
    a) are spending their time thinking and reading “outside the box” if project timelines are being set tougher tighter with every new project and
    b) that (project) management does not loose control?

    Thanks for sharing your opinion and ideas!!

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