Changes, Changes, Changes – Part II

6 thoughts on “Changes, Changes, Changes – Part II”

  1. Looks much better indeed. The different tabs for lifestream, links etc. look very good.

    Another reason to clean up my own act pretty soon.

    I’m very curious about your new blogging style and the way you are going to use your lifestream.

  2. Luis, looks great. The “search” function didn’t give me what I expected – tried “web 2” but just got the home page…

  3. Thanks a lot, folks, for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Greatly appreciated! Krispijn, indeed, those changes have improved the overall site tremendously and although the new blogging style has been interrupted with my few days of travelling in the last couple of weeks, I hope to be getting back into shape very soon, as I am wrapping up the trip and getting back home on Monday evening…

    Peter, I think the search engine is working just fine. What’s happening is that “homepage” you bumped into may have contained Web 2 as one of the tags I usually use for Technorati, so you may want to have a look and scroll down and see what you would find around. But I think it works as is at the moment. Let me know if it doesn’t still… Thanks!

    Andy, no, not at the moment, I am afraid. I am trying to get them all up to date and everything and as soon as that is done and they haven’t conflicted with the overall theme I will put together a couple of screen shots and let you know about them. And I will create a blog post sharing my two cents on the ones I am enjoying quite a bit at the moment … Stay tuned!

    Doug, you are most welcome! It surely is one of those awesome plugins one would have wished to have found out a long while ago and all credit goes to Laura as she was the one who suggested based on my various online social tools I use and I just couldn’t say “No!” and I am glad I didn’t! hehe

    Oh la la … really glad to see as well how you have moved into WordPress vs. Blogger. *So* much better, my friend, I am sure!

    Thanks everyone, once more, for their feedback!

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