Changes, Changes, Changes …

15 thoughts on “Changes, Changes, Changes …”

  1. Hi folks! Many thanks for the feedback comments and for dropping by! It is greatly appreciated! Indeed, Laura (@LittleLaura) has done a faboulous job at it and I am really glad I have been working with her on this new design. I am liking it more and more by the minute and it looks like everything seems to be working all right so far!

    If you find anything broken, or any issue / bug, please do let us know. There are a couple of plugins we need to tweak some more, but it should be all right for the rest.

    Again, appreciated the feedback and speak to you soon! 😀

  2. Congratulations, Luis. This is fantastic! And I’m green with envy. I took your advice and installed WP, but I haven’t been able to do what you and Laura did.

    – Mary

  3. Hello folks! Thanks again for the lovely comments! They are greatly appreciated, indeed!

    Mary, woohooo! Glad to see you have joined the light side of things and on to a new wave of blogging with WP! Well done! I can certainly recommend you have a look with Laura and see how you can spice it up a bit. She has done a wonderful job and really happy I have contacted her to help out! Really nice!

    Per RE: iPhone, yes, indeed! It was a really nice add-on with the upgrade of the template Laura has been working on! When I saw it working I just couldn’t think about anything else than implementing it! And it works *really* well! heh

    Susan, appreciated the kind comments! Yes, indeed, that is how I feel myself about it when I saw it going live last night!

    What a better present from The Three Kings than such a lovely upgrade, eh? 😉 heh

  4. Luis (and Laura),

    Great job on the site redesign! It’s so much better! I used to read the IT Toolbox site because it didn’t make me dizzy like the old did. 🙂 I’ll be coming here now though!

  5. Hi Larry & César! Many thanks for the kind comments and funny enough you folks haven’t been the only ones making similar comments! I surely am glad that we have now been upgraded successfully and time to rock ON for 2009! hehe

    Appreciated the feedback and the dropping by! Have fun! :-))

  6. One minor annoyance is that your social bookmark / links get listed out one icon per line after the main post in the mobile Safari UI – looks untidy. Otherwise, liking it a lot and will be, ahem, borrowing some ideas 😉

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