Football – Made in Spain – June 2008 (Never Forget!)

7 thoughts on “Football – Made in Spain – June 2008 (Never Forget!)”

  1. Congrats Luis,

    I guess Spain deserved the win – let’s hope it doesn’t take another 44 years till the next championship.

    And let’s also hope that the German team believes in mathematical weirdo stuff:

    2006 3. place
    2008 2. place
    2010 you get the idea 😀

  2. They are so good in the semifinal and final, that for the rest of the teams the only hope remaining seems to be independance of Catalunyan football. 🙂
    Its early to talk about, but they have a good chance for 2010.

  3. Thanks a lot, folks, for the feedback comments and for droping by! Way cool! Yes, Matthew, it is a real pity that Germany didn’t show up with their powerful game, but then again, isn’t that because probably the other team was also defending just a bit and not allowing the rest playing comfortably? Or perhaps it is kind of difficult to play the ball, when you spend the whole time running after it, as opposed to with it 😉 hehe

    Hey, Banyú, congratulations to you, too! Yes, indeed, I agree with you that they have played really well the entire championship, but I think the best two matches were the one against Italy, defense wise, and the one against Russia, where football reached the status of poetry and art! The one against Germany was pretty good, but kind of disappointed from the performance of Germany. Perhaps on the next one!

    Martin, yes!, I agree with you that we should not have to wait for another 44 years to make it! It would be just too bad, indeed! I am just incredibly glad we pulled it off yesterday and hopefully we would be able to put together a good show on 2010, where it looks like we will meet up again! 😀

    Axel, LOL, man, that was just too funny!! LOL! I do hope that we have got another chance in 2010 and if that means against Germany again, like I mentioned to Martin, all the better, indeed!! hehe Let’s see what happens …

    Dennis, matey, you seem to be hanging out right in the middle of where the hot action is. First with France, in France, now with Spain, with Spain, where to next, eh? Way too cool! I have been following your tweets, pix & vids and loved it! Unique experience is probably the best I can come up to describe how it actually feels like at the moment. And still a few more days to go before it would settle in!

    Thanks again everyone for their contributions! (Too funny that this blog post, that hasn’t got anything to do with the main subjects of discussion over here, has gotten quite a few comments! 🙂 )

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