Trip to Varese to Present at International Enterprise 2.0 Forum

7 thoughts on “Trip to Varese to Present at International Enterprise 2.0 Forum”

  1. Hi Luis – really hope the wrist gets better and that you have a good time in Varese. Shame we won’t see you at Reboot – you would love it.

    Really enjoyed hanging with you in Boston and hope to see you soon 🙂

  2. Well, I was one of the attendant of this event and it was a great one!
    It would be interesting to have your slides even if I understand that slides are nothing against the pleasure to hear your speech directly, it was energizing. As you can see, I remember at least one point, no email 😉

  3. Hello folks! Thanks much for the feedback comments and for dropping by! I must say that the event surely was a fantastic one! All of the speakers did a superb job and got engaged with multiple insightful conversations! I really loved it! And will be looking forward to the next one! For sure!

    Oliver, thanks for the comments on the wrists. They are both doing just fine at the moment and this coming Monday I am starting with the physio on the left one. See how it goes from there, but the worst is now over, for certain!

    Lee, I know what you mean about not being at Reboot. It is one of those conferences I know I need to go at some point in time. No doubt! This year it was Enterprise 2.0. Next year, it will be Reboot. I am not going to miss it for anything next year! Hope we are able to meet up again way before then, perhaps as close as this coming September / October! I will keep you posted!

    Ciao Nicola, thanks a bunch for dropping by and for making it to the event! I am really glad to read you have enjoyed it quite a bit and just wished we had a bit more time to talk some more! Perhaps on the next one!

    With regards to the slide deck, you will find it in this blog post I put together not long ago, which contains the longer version of it.

    Let me know if you would need more help or info and glad you are joining us in our quest to give up e-mail altogether! Slowly, but steadily, we are getting there! Have fun!

  4. Hi Luis. I participated at the event: it was really great.
    Thank you for your speech, very much. And thank also for sharing your slides. See you soon, I hope.

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