Ziki – Your New Social Network and People Portal Search Engine

3 thoughts on “Ziki – Your New Social Network and People Portal Search Engine”

  1. Thanks for the post ! I’m so glad you like the redesign 😉

    What do you mean with facebook integration ? We’re ready here to aggregate feeds from facebook when they’ll decide to open up their platform 😉

  2. Bon jour, Jean-François! Thanks very much for the feedback comments and for the info details! Glad you guys keep innovating at a rampant pace! What I actually meant was quite the opposite. Just like there are Facebook applications for Slideshare, Dopplr, Plazes, TwitterSync, YouTube, LinkedIn, My Flickr, etc. etc. I think it would be great if we would have a Ziki Facebook application.

    That is what I meant and perhaps something you guys could have a look and see how easy it would be to implement.

    Hope that helps. And thanks for the feedback and for dropping by!

  3. hi!!! As for me zigime is better than other social networking because it has many unique features people can upload music, video, photos, barter, classifieds, mail, groups, jobs, events, blogs so on… and it has workspace too……nowadays more people are enjoying in zigime network

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