Ziki – Your Own Personal e-Card on the Web

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  1. Am I the only person who thinks that the proliferation of social networking sites is beginning to cause confusion? Just when blogging was maturing to the point that blogs were becoming a network, through comments, RSS, tagging etc, we now all have to follow about half a dozen or more social networks.

    Perhaps I should go offline and lie down for a bit…

  2. Ok, I signed up at ziki.com/en/people/daviding , which I have to say isn’t as easy as remembering daviding.com … but then I was fortunate to get my domain name early.

    I do see some value in integrating personas on the web in an open way. I see Ziki could have some value … but perhaps zoominfo.com has a better approach by crawling the web and trying to piece a persona together. On the other hand, I haven’t seen Zoominfo, which seems more targeted towards business contexts, tapping into places like MySpace and Facebook.

    The software seems to still be in the learning stages. On your page, you’ve set up some connections — although I don’t know who they are — and I can’t figure out how to connect to you. If you could connect to me, then maybe it will become clearer to me.

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