Media I Consume – Another Weblog Meme I Got Into

4 thoughts on “Media I Consume – Another Weblog Meme I Got Into”

  1. question? i see you are tuned in on news sites. what if any have they done to your ability to know the truth versus their ability to manuver the mind to believe a lie and not respond to the truth at all?
    next are you of the persuasion to believe the usa is a democracy? if so could you explain your understanding and if possible where or what federal document your response came from.
    i’m lost. i was raised by refugees to be democrat because they thought there were evil business men in this country ready to enslave the age of 18 i came to realize that its easy to fill the heads of new americans with horror because we came from just that.i also became a republican. we live under a law formed as a republic not democrat and i want to be part of my country and not continue down that fictious road of democracy that is just a carpetbaggers way of extorting votes and money from the ignorant.i live in a republic ,i’m a republican.go you pay attention how evil lives in the democratic representatives. they camellionise themselves to fit your views and when they get what they want they do as they please.gross and dirty minds.

  2. Hi Joe! WOW! What a reply! I am not sure how you would be reacting to this, but for a number of years I have got a policy regarding my online participation in different weblogs by which there are three different subjects that I always avoid when sharing information over the Web: religion, sports and politics. And it looks like your reply is one that fits in within that three category group, so I think I am going to reserve my opinion in this particular respect and not going to comment on it. Perhaps at some point, if we ever meet up face to face, I shall let you know what I think.

    Thanks, though, for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts. Even though I may not be going into adding some more into that conversation.

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