Pandora – Discover Music

3 thoughts on “Pandora – Discover Music”

  1. Hi, and thanks for this tip.
    However, going thsough my Opera folder I cannot find any .tmp files, and there are only a few files over 500kb, so they must be stores somewhere else. Any suggestions ?


  2. Hello Jarik and welcome to elsua! Thanks a lot for the feedback comments and for dropping by. Actually, now that you mention this it looks like the Pandora folks may have tweaked things a bit further because since your last comment above I have tried it out multiple times on several versions of Opera and it looks like I cannot longer see those .tmp files any more in order to rename and save them. At least, from Opera itself. However, LifeHacker may be coming to our rescue. At least, this weblog post would be worth while a read, to say the least 😉

    Hope that helps ! Good luck and thanks again for the feedback input!

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