MyBlogLog – 9 Reasons Why I Am Still Using It Everyday and Loving It

9 thoughts on “MyBlogLog – 9 Reasons Why I Am Still Using It Everyday and Loving It”

  1. Good article.

    I would suggest though that MyBlogLog is installed for you (the owner/author) and not necessarily for the readers (me) – a valid suggestion?

    What do you perceive as the benefit to the readers?
    I come to read your content … how do you think MyBlogLog can help me with that – or am I hear as part of a ‘community’?

    (BTW: like the ‘comment preview’ that you have installed – so much better than a two-step process 🙂

  2. Hi Mike ! Thanks a lot for letting me know about this and for dropping by! Appreciated the additional feedback. Yes, you got some really good and valid points about making extensive use of MyBlogLog from a weblogger perspective and perhaps most of what I related above would probably not apply to particular readers of different weblogs.

    However, and with that said, every single weblog could be positioned as a potential community, or, at least, a network. A group of folks with a particular interest in a certain topic wanting to get together to share information and their knowledge in order to collaborate with others in those particular topic(s), so from that perspective the fact that you can see other members of that potential community gives you the opportunity to establish a contact with them without having me to intervene for it in any other way, like a recommendation or something.

    So you actually have got the unique opportunity to build up your network as a reader based on what other readers of this weblog have been doing over at MyBlogLog and all of that without me getting involved. So you could also help build your social network / community from my own network / community. That way you can also establish different connections that were probably not possible before since you didn’t have that exposure. That is actually one of the things I like about MyBlogLog that pretty much you, yourself, can define the rules and play along with them on how to make the best out of it.

    (PS. Thanks a lot for the feedback comments and the update on the LiveCommentPreview. That was actually the intention I was trying to put together when I first found it. Thanks!)

  3. I hope you don’t get tired of GoStats 😉 There are several new features coming out at the end of this week. (please mind the slowness this week as all the servers are upgraded 😉

    Perhaps GoStats will be the tool for understanding your web traffic. The key is being good at only one thing!

  4. Hi Richard! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback comments! Welcome to elsua! Oh, not to worry about that, actually. I am a big fan of GoStats and just wished I would have discovered it when I first got started with this weblog so that I would have been able to have a much more complete picture of the stats than what I have got now. I am certainly looking forward to the new set of features as I already feel you folks are providing a good set of capabilities already. And, like I said, for the time being there is no way I will be running away on to something else. Keep up the good work and look forward to see the new enhancements!

    Thanks again for the feedback !

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