MyBlogLog – A Proper Community around Your Weblog and 5 Reasons Why You Would Want to Install It

6 thoughts on “MyBlogLog – A Proper Community around Your Weblog and 5 Reasons Why You Would Want to Install It”

  1. Hi TonNet! Thanks a lot for the feedback comments and welcome to elsua! Appreciated the kind comments and the follow up of this weblog post. Thanks for that! And keep up the great piece of work you guys are doing!

  2. You are right, many people have commented about MyBlogLog. What can you tell us about how _you_ are actually using the information that it provides you about the community? Does it give you a summary of who has visited over a time period? Does it provide a means for the people in the community to connect with one another?

  3. I totally agree with you about the first reason.
    Before the widget I though my blog was never visited — Even knowing I’m a littlebit occupied to post every time.
    My meter was the comments and since I’ve never saw a comment there, I thought I don’t received any kind of visit.
    After MyBlogLog I started to see who was visiting my blog.
    And more than that, I started to see and check what is the preferences of my visitors.

    Besides that, congratulations for your blog, very informative. I’ve added it to my netvibes/

  4. Thanks as well for the link – awesome.

    How’s the MyBlogLog think working out for you? I have to say I’ve removed it from some of the links and my style sheet doesn’t really show the wee icon of to it’s best (underlined isn’t what I’m after) but apart from that I like it. Mind you that’s “me” and not the “readers”.

    So, comments anyone – do you find it good useful, a pain … what?

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