Off on to the Next Challenge – La Blogosfera!

5 thoughts on “Off on to the Next Challenge – La Blogosfera!”

  1. You will be warmly welcome to the Spanish speaking blogosphere.

    If you don’t want to mess it up with the rss feeds, I suggest you ask Xavier about his idea of providing feeds by category. That is to say, in your case it would be a feed for posts in English and another one for posts in Spanish.

    Xavier has had another fascinating idea that I am considering: to move the tags up, just after the headline. His reasoning is strikinly simple: I read the headline, I read the tags and, if I am still interested, I read the post. César has adopted it. We could start an international tagging up movement!!!

  2. Luis, I am very glad you have decided to join us in the Blogosfera (part-time at least). People who are not fluent in English should not be spared from your wonderful insights 😉
    And I am sure also, that at least some of your English-speaking readers will appreciate the chance to hone their Spanish language skills.

    By the way, Fabián is absolutely right: Xavier’s tags up idea is worth spreading. Let’s evangelize!!!

  3. Hello folks !

    Thanks a lot for the nice welcome ! It feels good to be home! Fabián, you surely bring forward a very good point and actually this is something that I have been looking into in order to provide separate RSS feeds per category so that folks would be able to subscribe to them as they may see fit. One thing that I am contemplating at the moment is if I am going to be sharing all Spanish speaking posts under a single category or just use the usual category structure. I tend to go with the latter, but still need to look into that. As soon as I have got that sorted out I will go ahead and implement that RSS feed subscription by category. Thanks for the friendly reminder! 🙂

    Regarding the moving up of the tags to the top of the weblog post, that is actually a superb idea ! And something that I have already implemented, see today’s weblog post, and which I will continue to make good use of in order to provide that quick introduction as to what the weblog post is all about and if it is interesting enough for folks they can just read through and if not they can move on to something else. Very good tip, indeed !

    César, thanks a bunch for the heads up ! Appreciated the support thus far. You are right. I should have done something like this a long time ago, but then again I have just only got started with this weblog one year ago, so plenty of time to change things, adapt and move on to the next thing. I am sure that my Spanish speaking weblog posts would be of interest to a growing number of folks who would want to rather read some of my ideas on different topics or just simply practice their Spanish skills. Either way would be ok with me 🙂

    Let’s go and start an international tagging up movement !

    Thanks again for the feedback, folks !

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