Knowledge Management by Dave Snowden

4 thoughts on “Knowledge Management by Dave Snowden”

  1. Hi John ! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback comments. Welcome ! Yes, indeed, it is an incredibly good summary which I have been sharing around as well with a few other folks as I feel it makes for a very interesting and enlightening read at the same time. And in this particular case as well it has allowed me to find other KM webloggers, like yourself.

    I have just added your Tid Bits and Web Drippings to my daily RSS feeds and very shortly you would also be showing up here in my blogroll. So thanks for chiming in !

  2. Hi Brett ! Thanks much for the trackback and for dropping by to share some further thoughts. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the following quote from your weblog entry:

    “[…] many people expected KM to teach them a dance when they should be using it to learn how to dance.”

    What a terrific way of describing how people should consider KM in whatever the business. It is certainly a process and not the final destination, like most people seem to think and I am really glad you have shared that point of view as well.

    I would be looking forward to some of your further insights on the subject, and that of mastery, as I feel you may be on to something. Thus keep those posts coming !

    Thanks again for the feedback comments!

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