Communities of Practice and Their Business Value

2 thoughts on “Communities of Practice and Their Business Value”

  1. Hi Joitske! Thanks a lot for the feedback comments and for the linking the weblog posts. Terrific stuff. I must say that when I was writing the weblog post I was thinking about you and your weblog as someone who would be interested in the topic overall and I am surely glad that you have made that connection between both weblog posts because your points are always so spot on ! Like, for instance, this particular quote:

    “The whole approach of communities of practice is based on the idea that people get knowledge around the coffee machine, and hence CoPs work to make learning easy and flexible.The thematic groups (the CoPs in the World Bank) deal with immediately relevant and available knowledge”

    I surely agree with you 100%. That is what communities are all about. People are social beings and as such they always have a tendency to want to connect to people than with resources so having CoPs in every single KM program is a healthy way to keep those connections and networks up and running. Certainly worth while from the perspective that people are more willing to share with others their knowledge than to store it elsewhere and this videocast just proves that point of how you can have a virtual CoP becoming a fundamental key resource for a business in order to help spark different conversations and collaboration between community members.

    Thanks again for the feedback !

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