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  1. Hi Steve ! Thanks a lot for the feedback comments and for dropping by ! Welcome to elsua!

    Appreciated the link you have shared above. It does sound like a worth while investigating resource related to SNA and I must admit that I have still got to look into it more in detail but so far I like what I am seeing and I may eventually be checking things further out and get more involved. We shall see how it goes and how much time I could devote to it. Still, I really appreciate you sharing this resource over here as I am sure plenty other people would find it useful, too. So thanks for that !

  2. I am not sure what happened with WordPress this time around, but it looks like Steve actually left another comment for this particular weblog post that is not showing up, so I have recover it now and I have reproduced it over here in its entirety:

    You may also find the Network Weaving Blog of interest. Network Weaving involves the application of SNA to creating Smart Networks.


    Also, the people behind this blog will be giving a conference on Weaving Smart Networks: Building Capacity for Positive Change in Organizations and Communities Thu, Oct 12, 2006 to Fri, Oct 13, 2006 in Washington D.C. For more info, see:

    Thanks much, Steve, for these other resources, too ! They look very good ! I have just subscribed to Network Weaving blog. Fascinating ! Appreciated the input and the hat tip on that particular weblog. Very interesting !

  3. Thanks a lot, Anol, for dropping by and for the feedback comments and for sending the trackback to your weblog. Appreciated.

    Appreciated the heads up regarding the resources and weblog from David Snowden. Actually, I have been a big fan from him for some time now and have read many of his articles back from when he was working at IBM and till now with Cognitive-Edge, including attending a couple of conferences and workshops he has been providing and I certainly agree with you that it is certainly very much worth while a read both his weblog and the resources they have put together. Something, which, by the way, reminds me that it is time for me again to update the blogroll because I can see there it is not listed when it should since it is one of my regular feed reads. Good stuff. So will update the blogroll shortly and you will find there some other interesting readings around the same subject and KM in general. Stay tuned.

    Thanks again for the feedback and welcome to elsua!

  4. SNA can be used not just for Knowledge Management within organizations but also to analyze online communities to identify the key players within each group of users. This information is invaluable to marketers as they can run more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. One company offering this service is Idiro Technologies ( The findings we have made from analyzing millions of nodes/people and the billions of links between them validate the findings of sociologists that we made on much larger data sets. So, to paraphrase Kate Ehrlich, when you want to get your product out into the marketplace, it’s not how much your customer spends but who they know (and influence).

  5. Hello Aidan ! Thanks a bunch for the feedback comments and for dropping by ! Welcome to elsua!

    You are certainly right that SNA can be a very powerful tool to help analise online communities and their key players who are mainly driving the community activities a great deal. And certainly the connection you make with marketing is, yet again, another useful tip on how you could make use of SNAs to help target audiences a lot better and perhaps a whole lot more meaningfully.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experiences as well with Idiro Technologies as I am sure there would be plenty of folks out there who would be interested in reading some more further as to how you folks are applying SNA to those online communities in order to help target them better. Thanks again for the heads up and for the feedback ! Good stuff!

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