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5 thoughts on “elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog Is a Superstar Weblog!”

  1. Hi Luis, with regards to you not being sure of the total number of readers coming through RSS:
    If you redirect your existing RSS link (https://www.elsua.net/feed/) to your Feedburner link (http://feeds.feedburner.com/Elsua) then you can have Feedburner take care of all the stats for you – and existing subscribers to your RSS link will not be impacted. Feedburner has more on this at http://forums.feedburner.com/viewtopic.php?t=17.

    I do that with my RSS link (http://per.lausten.dk/blog/atom.xml).

  2. Fantastic tip, Per ! Thanks much for letting me know about it ! Actually, when I mentioned that comment I was not referring to elsua.net but to blogs.ittoolbox.com/km/elsua where I do not have much control over the RSS newsfeed since it is integrated into the actual weblogging platform with little access capabilities from my side to actually tweak it good enough.

    However, with that said, and since I can access the template properly for elsua.net, I think I am going to do some further reading on the Forum link you have provided and see if I can hack it to make it all go through Feedburner. I think I would have something to play with during the weekend 😉

    Thanks again, Per, for the feedback !

  3. Hi John ! Thanks a lot for the comments and for dropping by! Appreciated the kind feedback and, of course, I will keep up the great work ! 😉

    Have a good one !

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