Hands On: Why You Need a Wiki

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  1. For any of the Corporate readers hesitating about a wiki: I use them with my Boy Scout troop. Wehen we have a big outing that we’re planning (e.g., summer camp, Philmont Scout Reservation), I create a new wiki and start to accumulate information, status, and then wrap it all up with lessons-learned (what I’d do better next time). Th

    In case I’m not being clear, my 11-year-old son ran the wiki for summer camp this year. I got it started but he kept it going. He got a computer-phobic adult hooked on wikis based on what he was doing. This is a great technology that you should be using already.


  2. Hi Andy ! (Long time no speak!)

    Thanks a lot for sharing those great stories with us on the powerful capabilities of making use of wikis, so much so that even people who may not be too technical would be able to make use of them effectively and get them ready and up to speed. However, what I really liked about those stories you have shared with us is the fact that you have been applying them to different tasks that may not be very much related to technology, which I think is terrific, because it clearly shows the level of penetration that wikis have for almost any single kind of activity.

    Thus, thanks again for sharing those stories and let’s keep spreading the word around. Wikis are here to stay, so let’s just try to make the best out of them for those daily tasks we need to get done…

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