Meebo Extension for Flock

2 thoughts on “Meebo Extension for Flock”

  1. Hi Amanda ! Thanks a lot for the feedback comments and for dropping by ! Welcome to elsua!

    Yes, I know about Kool IM. I have actually tried it out a couple of months back just when it became available and I must say that after having played with it for about a week I still prefer Meebo. Much more powerful and easier to use and keeping everything under the same window and without having to work with popups and the like. I agree, too, with Techcrunch and Mashable that Meebo seems to be much more matured than Kool IM, at least, from what I have been able to see myself while I tested it out.

    However, I am glad to see you mentioned it as an option over here so that other folks who may want to look for alternatives they would be able to make use of it and take it for a spin. So thanks for that!

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