Collaboration Technologies Conference 2006 – Boston – Jun 19th to 22nd

4 thoughts on “Collaboration Technologies Conference 2006 – Boston – Jun 19th to 22nd”

  1. Luis,

    I will be attending the CTC conference and be blogging at Inside the Cubicle. Let me know if you have any questions or I can add any insight. I hope my notes help some.


  2. Hi Jeffrey ! Thanks ever so much for dropping by and for confirming that you would be attending the conference and share your thoughts over at “Inside the Cubicle”. Actually, I wouldn’t have any concrete questions to ask, specially now that you would be attending the event. I have been reading off your blog all along and we do share lots of common interests so I am sure you would be sharing some interesting insights that I could relate to as well. Thus as far as I can see just get there and blog on 😉

    We shall keep on reading !

    PS. Oh, perhaps, one thing you could try to find out some more info on is if some of the different sessions would be recorded and made available out there on the Internet. If so, I am sure most of us would be interested in finding out some more about them. Thanks for checking into this.

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