Bringing Knowledge, Relationships, and Experts Together

7 thoughts on “Bringing Knowledge, Relationships, and Experts Together”

  1. Luis — thank you very much for such an informed followup to my earlier article. I agree that the key to a working solution may be to focus on the people not necessarily the knowledge. I’ve published a follow u that includes an idea about how a system might work in practice based on currently available concepts and technology and I’d be very interested in getting your reaction to that as well; the follow up article is located here ( and is described as follows: ” ‘Bringing Knowledge, Relationships, and Experts Together in the Enterprise’ describes how currently available social neworking technologies might be applied to helping organizations improve access to the expertise that already exists within the organization. Should this be called an “expertise management system”?

  2. Hi Dennis ! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for sharing your thoughts with us. I have now taken a look into your last weblog post and it looks very impressive. So much so that I wanted to share some further insights to continue adding into the conversation and I have done so at the following weblog post: Bringing Knowledge, Relationships, and Experts Together in the Enterprise.

    Your definition as “expertise management system” is actually quite accurate. I would prefer to perhaps use the term “location expertise management” though, which may be much more accurate, going along the lines of your last weblog post on the subject. Have a look into it and see what you think. Thanks again for the feedback !

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