Conversationblog – Talk Is Cheap, Free Speech Isn’t

5 thoughts on “Conversationblog – Talk Is Cheap, Free Speech Isn’t”

  1. Hey Luis ! Didn’t know you were a member of LinkedIn Bloggers too ! This is a small world indeed. Thanks for your kind words re: my blog. I learn every day and welcome any comments you might have. with regards to the use of new technologies at IBM and the presentations I give at conferences… It’s because of people like you th

  2. Thanks a lot, Philippe, for dropping by and for the feedback comments ! Yes, indeed, I have been a member for a few weeks now although till now I have more than anything else a lurker 😉 However, that just changed with the introduction I did the other day and this weblog post.

    And I am glad to hear you are continuing to spread the message around about these emerging technologies at IBM and beyond ! They are certainly very helpful in helping people connect with one another and I hope that one of these days we may be able to see each other in real life. It would be about time !:-)

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