Bloginfluence – Measuring How Influential Your Weblog May Be. Or not

2 thoughts on “Bloginfluence – Measuring How Influential Your Weblog May Be. Or not”

  1. Hello Axel and welcome to elsua! Thanks much for dropping by and for the feedback comments!

    Well, Axel, it basically means I need to do some more work on increasing my own weblog’s influence out there in the Blogosphere, specially it you compare it to others like Slashdot, for instance, with 3589518. Not something that I am really desperate about since I know it takes quite some time and lots of good conversations so I will have to keep steady and see how it goes.

    Like, for instance, checking it out today it looks like it has gone up a bit again:

    My influence


    So as you can see slowly but steadily it is continuing to go up and hopefully it will continue to be like that as I move along with it. Thanks again for the feedback !

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