Time to Revisit Meetro Again! – Top 5 Features I Enjoy

2 thoughts on “Time to Revisit Meetro Again! – Top 5 Features I Enjoy”

  1. Great points Luis, I really think the location awareness combined with pictures/profiles can change how people communicate and open up new doors to collaboration with your neighbors and community members.

  2. Thanks a lot, Vinnie, for dropping by and welcome ! Yes, indeed, I certainly agree with you on that, but even more to the point where that location awareness allows buddy list members to find out how close they may be from each other while working remotely or while on the road. So that virtual sense of belonging is what could get people connected and more keen in sharing their knowledge and collaborating because they could related to one another much closer than with using other traditional tools. And that is why I shall be looking forward to seeing how Meetro will evolve in this particular space as I do see a lot of potential with it. Thanks again for the feedback !

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