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The Call to Adventure – On Doing What You Love

Over the course of the last six months it’s been quite an interesting experience, to say the least, being asked, on a rather frequent basis, why did I leave big corporate life at IBM, specially, with the last round of dream jobs, to instead build my own business into the[…]

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The Joy of Business Travelling

After a couple of days back home, unwinding and relaxing a bit from quite a hectic schedule at work, it is that time again for yours truly to be on the road again. Every year, they keep saying that October and November are conference events months, now that the summer[…]

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IBM at 100 – Once an IBMer, Always an IBMer

Or so they say… I still remember my first day at the company, as if it were yesterday. January 20th 1997. There I was, standing by the main entrance door at the IBM site in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, wondering whether I made the right decision to enter the IT world[…]

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