Things I Terribly Miss in Twitter

5 thoughts on “Things I Terribly Miss in Twitter”

  1. I recognize this – also the conference tweeting. I also abandoned it. Isn’t this also by following too many people? If you cut back to 150 let’s say? I think I will try this!

    1. Hi, Joitske,

      Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the lovely feedback. If you are following people through the Twitter timeline, then following too many people *is* an issue. However, if you use Twitter Lists (I do!) you can follow hundreds of people quite easily and without being overwhelmed as the Lists would allow you to expand the barrier of time and frequency of tweets you have as a limitation in the timeline.

      For instance, I have got a number of Twitter Lists, but three of them I check them every single day and, so far, I haven’t gone through that feeling of being too overwhelmed. Quite the opposite. Depending on what I am interested for the day I’d spend more time in one than the other trying to make sense of the tweets people share and work through them.

      Cutting back to 150 people may be an interesting initiative, but, to me, I’d find it a bit restricting since there are far too many people tweeting rather interesting things on topics I like to learn more about. If I may, give it a try by creating Lists and add 150 folks at a time. I bet you’ll find it will scale much easier and still give you an opportunity to be in control and not overwhelmed by the experience … Should you decide to give it a try, please do let me / us know how things work out for you in that regard… Thanks much, once more, for the feedback!

  2. Hi Luis, I do have hootsuite with all my lists but I still feel overwhelmed. I give myself an hour in the morning for mail and socials and I tend to go to my feedly blog list and LinkedIn rather than alllll the messages in twitter.

    I will try this cutting down!

    1. Hi, Joitske,

      Many thanks for the follow-up feedback! My goodness! Then it could well be you may have far too many people in your Twitter Lists. I know, for myself, I must have about 700 people I follow in different lists that I check on a daily basis and don’t seem to have that issue with them being too much. Perhaps, it also pretty much depends on how verbose some people are with their twitterrhea. For instance, you may have just a handful of folks in a single list, but if they tweet 100 messages a day, that’s going to be an issue!

      May need to look into that as well, Joitske, and see if there are any culprits out there who would fall under that pattern. I know I have a few of those and I usually place them in a single list I dive into every now and then to see what they are doing. Not every day. I don’t need to be exposed to that level of detail in a single day, I am afraid, so their verbosity just keeps me away somehow 😅👍🏻

      Hope you find some balance, Joitske, and many thanks for the follow-up response! Look forward to learning more how that culling progresses further along …

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