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Pep Talk – Who Moved My Cheese?

New York City - BroadwayOnce again, it’s been a little while now since my last blog post over here, and I am sure most of you folks may be wondering what have I been up to in the last couple of weeks, right?, specially, after returning from my last business trip to New York City on the week of February 11th. Well, if I were to tell you that loads of things have happened, that I have been embarking on a massive non-stop frenetic roller-coaster ride, some of which have had a significant direct impact on yours truly, you may not believe much of it, right? After all, it’s not the kind of thing that I usually get to talk about and share across over here. That’s about to change though. At least, this time around. I’m going to give you all a little bit of Pep Talk. And then we are going to talk about Who Moved My Cheese? Because someone just did that. 

Ok, I will leave the Pep Talk for a little bit later on … You know what happens when someone decides to move your cheese without telling you in advance, right?, that, when it hits you, it’s already probably too late. Lucky enough, I have always thought it is never too late. So when it, finally, happened to me a few weeks back, it was a good time to start that process of soulsearching that one embarks on once in a while and see where I will end up going. Judging from my close social networks somehow I sense that for everyone out there 2013 is going to be the year of Change (With a capital C). Well, for me, that soul-searching process is now over. And that week I spent in New York City surely has changed my life and in so many different ways that it’s going to be a bit too tough for me to relate it all over here. Yes, I know what you are thinking… How much more cryptic can one get when reflecting on all of this, right? I mean, can you just tell us what’s going on and why have you been absent from your external social networking activities for perhaps far too long? 

Hummm, in its due time. Not yet though. I am still not ready to share it along. Many years ago, nevertheless, I bumped into one key online principle I have lived by ever since that has been perhaps the most helpful piece of advice one can give to someone else who is just about to start participating in the digital world and the Social Web: never, ever, write anything online in a blog post, a tweet, or whatever else, when you are upset, angry, frustrated but also EXCITED or far too exhilarated about something. 

I guess that in the last month I have gone through both ends of the spectrum detailed above, which would explain why I haven’t written much online out there. Before my business trip to New York City I was on the very negative side of the spectrum and right after the NYC trip I was right at the opposite end. I guess that’s what one of the most amazing places on this planet can do to you over the course of a week, or, in my case, in 20 minutes. Yes, I know, here I am again, being rather cryptic, aren’t I? Sorry, it’s not intended, nor on purpose. I’m just trying to reflect on the fact that certain things and certain decisions usually taken within minutes can have quite a significant impact, one way or another. And probably the best option is to just take it as it is, re-think quite dearly your purpose, meaning and focus and go and start searching for that new cheese. 

Till you find it. And I did! And I am excited. Actually, I am incredibly excited, but, like I said, I am not ready to share it or talk about it out there, just yet. Still a bit too soon. Which is why I thought I would finish off this blog post letting you know that I’m back with my usual regular blogging schedule, now more intense and relevant than ever to the main themes from this blog all along, including Open Business, of course, and with a huge piece of news coming up soon that I am hoping will help explain why I have been relatively quiet out there on the Social Web. For most folks out there who know me somewhat it’s going to be a bit of a shock, for those of you, my dear friends, who know me personally, it’s going to be something I have been waiting for for the last 12 years and it’s finally here. Yes, I know, the suspense and the intrigue are killing you all right now, aren’t they?

Well, here’s the Pep Talk piece of this article then. Through one of my fellow IBM colleagues, who blogged about it internally, I bumped into this delightful short YouTube video, about Kid President sharing with us a little bit of a pep talk that I am sure we would all need to watch every now and then to remind us about what really matters. It’s one of those amazing inspirational video clips that would not leave you indifferent, to the point where it may help provoke that soul-searching activity you may have been parking on the sideway for far too long. In the context of what I have just shared above, it surely has for me, which is why I thought I would share the embedded code over here so that you folks would have an opportunity to watch and see what I mean about the video being one of the most motivational, hilarious, witty, relevant and smart discourses you will bump into out there. If not, judge for yourselves: 

Like I said, there is probably not much of a need to worry when someone decides to move your cheese without you not knowing anything about it; there is a great chance that change is good and perhaps this pep talk from Kid President will help you get back on track while you redefine your new purpose, your new focus and, specially, your potential new meaning to everything you do.

I want to be anyone that leads to … awesome”

(Yeah, me, too!)

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    1. Hi Susan! Thanks ever so much, my dear! Yes, it’s been quite a few interesting weeks, for real, since we last met at Connect in Orlando. Things have turned around in the most of unexpected ways and I can’t wait to share the news with everyone out there… New chapters to be written, they call it. Well, I am about to start writing the next one … hehe

      Hoping to share the news soon enough! 🙂

      PS. Will I see you in Paris for the #e20s event?

      1. Hi Eric, yeah, I can imagine! I have been in the dark (again!) for far too long, right? Well, this time around it’s self-inflicted for some of the reasons I hinted above that I needed to clarify, soul-search them accordingly for myself and eventually decide … where did my cheese move and go fetch it!

        And I found it 🙂

        … More soon …

  1. Love the suspense! Who moved it and where did you find it?
    For this intriguing “interruption” there is only one Luis! Looking forward to the update!

    1. Hi Marie-Louise, thanks a lot! Yeah, I know the suspense is killing you all! But not to worry, it will soon be over as I am just waiting for final few details and then I will share the info along!

      RE: who move it?, Well, the ones with the power to move it, unfortunately 😉 RE: where did I find it?, That’s to come … Hang in there for a little bit longer, but I can tell you it’s a bigger, MUCH BIGGER cheese altogether! hehe

      It’s going to surprise a few folks in all senses of the word surprise, I can tell you that! It will round up a beautiful story, too! And you will see why when I share it across 🙂

      (Just a few more days …)

  2. I have a copy of the book on a shelf at home, must read it again. The roadmap for IBM products is going to have me looking for some new cheese 🙂

    Thank you for the intriguing post and for the video in particular.

    Good luck writing your next chapter.

    1. Hi Jason! That’s just excellent! Yeah, it’s a great book, very easy to read, but yet with so many powerful and inspiring messages. Throughout all of this turbulent time I have just gone through it’s been a huge reminder on that soul-searching activity that I can certainly recommend everyone out there to dive into, if they would have a need for it, at some point …

      Glad you enjoyed the post, as well as the video clip and many many thanks for the kind commentary! If I can help out with that roadmap as well, please do let me know… Happy to help out where I possibly can 🙂

  3. Hum, good appetizer isn’t it?
    I’m looking forward to meeting you in Paris in March and maybe discovering the main course (a Swiss fondue) !
    PS : just drop me an email if you want to share the good news before 😉

    1. Hi Claude, oh, yes, sir! A very enticing appetiser, indeed! :-)) Yes, you will find out about the main course way way before we meet up in Paris, for sure! hehe

      RE: email, errr, nope, don’t think it’s going to happen! Sametime perhaps 😛

    1. Ciao Emanuele, soon, *very* soon, my friend! Actually, any day now! Just waiting for the final few details before my new cheese is formalised and we are OFF! 😀

      But, like I said, not just yet, my friend. Not just yet… Hang on with that excitement for a few more days and then get ready for plenty of good fun! hehe

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