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Enterprise 2.0 Conference Highlights – Quick Wrap-Up of Links

Gran Canaria - Ayacata / The MonkA number of folks have been asking me during the course of the day whether it would be possible to have a quick blog post where I could share a links summary from all of the different articles I have put together from the series of articles covering the Enterprise 2.0 conference highlights. And since it is the first time I have put together quite a few of those entries I thought it would be worth while listing them all over here to keep them all as a good reference with just a single URL link: this post.

So what I will be doing over here is just list those different links with the title of the original posts, and that way you can decide whether you would want to go ahead and read it or move on. Certainly, this particular entry will become my single reference from now onwards on future articles I may be putting together on posts related to the Enterprise 2.0 conference. Thus let’s go and do it!

Like I said, this list of links related to previous blog posts I have put together on the Enterprise 2.0 conference held in Boston a few weeks ago won’t be the final version, as there are still a couple of other articles I would want to put together as well, but more as a follow up conversation of what I was exposed to and which I think would be worth while sharing across, but that would be the subject for another blog post(s) coming up shortly …

Hope you have enjoying reading through them all, as well as the live tweeting I did over at @elsuacon . And till next time around! Time now to move forward with some more blogging on other interesting and relevant topics…

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