Enterprise 2.0 Conference Highlights – The Pre-Event Workshops

2 thoughts on “Enterprise 2.0 Conference Highlights – The Pre-Event Workshops”

  1. Louis .. I was wondering whether you heard at the conference (or know about in in any other context) if any organization has had clear success in ECM with integrating “traditional” platforms (DM/RM/Federated search) with web content management / open source / social collaboration / networking tools into a holistic managed environment that enhances productivity and is valued by the users?

    1. Hi Dale! Thanks a bunch for the feedback comments and for the information details. I was there for the whole week and, to be honest, from all of the sessions I attended there wasn’t anyone in particular that focused on case study you mentioned above. At least, that I could see …

      However, I mentioned your query on my Twitter timeline hoping other folks who attended the event may be able to chime in and share their experiences on whether they may have been exposed to such case study and unfortunately I didn’t get any responses on it, so it looks like in the area of ECM we may not be there just yet, at least, for most vendors and customers in this Enterprise 2.0 space.

      However, if I bump into other related materials with regards to this query I will be more than happy to pop back and share the link with the information and perhaps reach out to you as well, once I go through it myself. Hope that’s all right with you.

      Thanks again and really sorry to hear you weren’t at the conference; would have been great seeing you there! Perhaps next year 🙂

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