Behavioural Transition Strategies for E2.0 by Lee Bryant

One thought on “Behavioural Transition Strategies for E2.0 by Lee Bryant”

  1. Well, Luis, it’s been almost three months since you published this but, thanks to a minor disagreement I’m having with our Chief IT Architect at work, I felt the need to look for arguments pointing out what I consider to be the “sea change” E2.0 represents. This is really good stuff from Lee and, as always, your comments and analysis are enlightening and useful.

    I am becoming more and more convinced my industry, and certainly my company, are going to be among the trailers when it comes to adoption of E2.0 principles and practices. Part of this is driven by our customers (we presently have very few and two of them are major governmental agencies) and the length of our contracts with them (sometimes decades). This has resulted in a slow-moving, very conservative culture highly resistant to the discomfort change can bring. Throw in the tool-centric lens our IT people see the enterprise through (not to mention the imposition of CSC onto our organization thanks to our parent company), and we have what I think is the making of a lot of confusion and false starts.

    Hopefully, armed with the quality arguments you, Lee, and others are making for the adoption of E2.0, we will be able to accelerate the pace of change. The pressure is on; there is no doubt about that and, fortunately we have a new President who I believe understands the challenges and the need to change how we do business. However, he can’t be everywhere and he can’t just mandate the necessary changes. He can help lead them and I’m confident they will happen. Of course, they’re never as fast as we want are they? Thanks again for an enlightening, instructive post.


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