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IBM Lotusphere 2007 – Lotus Connections and Lotus Quickr

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They say that a picture is worth while a thousand words but what happens when you get your hands on a whole bunch of cool pictures around two of the IBM Lotus social computing tools that are creating some incredible buzz over at IBM’s Lotusphere 2007 currently taking place this week?:

IBM Lotus Quickr:

(Originally uploaded by Ed Brill in Flickr)

IBM Lotus Connections:

Thanks, Rob!, for sending those pictures along! I knew I had to be there! Time now to continue reading some more!

Oh, did you, folks, also check out Lotusphere in Second Life? Sigh. I didn’t make it in the end either as I had another conflict at 10am EST, but it seems like it was plenty of good fun! Anyone out there who attended it live who care to comment and share their thoughts?

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  1. Hi Raj!

    Thanks a lot for the trackback and for the plug! Yes, from what I have been able to see it has been a huge success and certainly something to look forward to for next year! Pity that I couldn’t make it this year, but I am certainly excited to see all the buzz that Lotus Connections and Lotus Quickr are generating ! I will be sharing some more on both them in my blog as we go forward!

    Thanks again for the feedback and for sharing your experience while over there!

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