One Year of Weblogging – Happy Anniversary! – And a Lovely Present

5 thoughts on “One Year of Weblogging – Happy Anniversary! – And a Lovely Present”

  1. Hi folks ! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the kind comments! Yes, Ted, I am really glad the book finally got over here. I am actually reading it at the moment and I am enjoying it big time! What a fantastic read! But I will have to leave the final review for now. I first want to read through it and then share my comments 😉

    Thanks very much, though, for giving me this unique opportunity and for having me in your book. Way awesome!

    Anol, thanks again for the feedback and way to go with the recent face lift from your own weblog. I like it quite a lot for its simplicity and ease of navigation. Nice one!

  2. Hi Raymon! Thanks much for the kind feedback comments and for dropping by. It is greatly appreciated. I must say that I haven’t got any intention of stopping any time soon, so you can expect that I will be continuing for as long as I may be able to. That is for sure. So thanks for sticking out there and for the kind comments!

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