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Shawn Callahan’s Interview on (Marketing) Storytelling and Narratives

For a number of months now, I have been talking about the power of storytelling within Knowledge Management and how it is finally beginning to play a key and fundamental role within any kind of business in order to help improve different process that may be already in place, and, at the same time, also help knowledge workers reach out there to one another in order to share their knowledge and collaborate, perhaps closer, with the sharing as well of … stories.

So I thought the following weblog post would be a nice addition to this ongoing discussion around the topic of storytelling, specially since in it you would be able to find a fantastic interview that Darren Woolley conducted over at P3Q with the one and only: Shawn Callahan from Anecdote. The interview has actually been placed as well over at YouTube so instead of me detailing some of the major highlights from the conversation around the world of narratives and storytelling within marketing I think I am just going to embed the video and let you watch it. It is only a bit over 6 minutes, but totally worth it, to be honest, if you would want to listen some concrete examples of how different marketing companies are actually making use of sharing stories in order to address different issues they may be facing and come out of them better than ever before. As I said, highly recommended.

And here it is. Enjoy it ! (I surely did):

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