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Social Network Tools and Their Business Application: Blogs, Podcasting, Instant Messaging, RSS and Wikis – London – September 2006

A couple of weeks ago I was talking about the upcoming Collaboration Technologies Conference 2006 that took place in Boston a few days ago, and which, by the way, I will start commenting on some of the sessions now that most of the folks I follow up on seem to have finished sharing their views on the event. So today I thought I would also let you know about another upcoming interesting event that I am sure quite a few folks over here would like to know as well. I am not sure I would be able to attend it but I would think that plenty of other folks may be interested in it.

Thus here we go. Through a couple of colleagues at work I have just received an e-mail about an upcoming event taking place in London, UK, around the topics of weblogs, podcasting, instant messaging, RSS and wikis .Yes, indeed, about the whole social software pack.

The event is sponsored by Unicom and you can find more details about the event over here: Social Network Tools and their Business Application: Blogs, Podcasting, Instant Messaging, RSS and Wikis. As I mentioned already, the event will be taking place on Ethan21st of September in London and here is the initial write up about the conference:

"The payoff for the new collaborative tools is that they support workers in doing the right things and thus producing a better end result. However, in some contexts, such as collaboration with partners an d other third parties, increased openness and collaboration raise anxiety about issues of security and confidentiality.

This conference looks at the new technologies in a business setting, with overview presentations and case studies. There will be a strong emphasis on the practical aspects. You will find out the different applications of each technology and their relative merits and drawbacks, and how to choose between increasing numbers of new offerings.

The conference is chaired by David Green, founder of the Green Knowledge Community and himself knowledgeable in these technologies"

And here you have got the list of benefits from the event:

  • "Learn how Blogs and WIKIs change the traditional models of managing knowledge and how they can support purposeful social networks
  • Hear about the practices of those who are achieving real business success in online social networks
  • Find out the role of podcasting and RSS feeds to target customers with clearly defined interests
  • Explore the benefits and downside of business use of Instant Messaging
  • Gain practical advice on dealing with threats to security and confidentiality"

Not bad, eh? Yes, I know, on the contrary. What I really like about the event itself, and why I would feel sorry if I cannot make it, which I am not sure is going to happen, is the pretty impressive list of speakers they have piled up for the event, with folks like KM thinkers Euan Semple,  and David Gurteen, amongst others. Apparently, it even looks like the event is organised / supervised by David himself. Good stuff.

Thus if you are going to be around in London during that time I can certainly recommend the event if you would want to know how Knowledge Management is surely moving into KM 2.0 in the Enterprise 2.0 world. Oh, and if you get to go and would want to share your thoughts on how it went feel free to drop by and append a couple of comments over here or just blog the event yourself on your own weblog, something I am sure you were probably thinking about doing it already, anyway, but just in case… heh

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  1. Hi Luis

    I’m the person at UNICOM who is organising this event and I would love
    to get in touch with you.

    Best regards


  2. Hi Julie ! Thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback ! I really appreciate you getting in touch. I thought it was David helping organise the event but since he may not be I would love to get in touch with you. How can I contact you ? Got any e-mail address or phone number? You can contact me offline if you wish by sending an e-mail to elesar1 [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks again for dropping by and for the feedback!

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