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Collaboration Technologies Conference 2006 – Boston – Jun 19th to 22nd

I just found out, through Stowe Boyd‘s weblog, where he is talking about Andrew McAfee on Enterprise 2.0, about one of those events that I surely wanted to attend all along if I would have known about it well ahead of time. Alas I just found out about it today, while reading his weblog post, and I will not be able to make it since I am planning to make it to another event during the course of July, but more on that at a later time.

Either way, Stowe mentioned the Collaboration Technologies Conference 2006 and I just couldn’t help taking a look into the web site about the event itself, including its thoughtful agenda. If you go over to the site and you take a look at the more detailed agenda items you will be able to see how this is going to be one of those events worth while attending regarding collaboration, and knowledge sharing, for that matter. While going through the sessions details I recognised lots of the different folks I have been reading as part of my RSS feeds for quite some time now, thus it would have certainly been a superb opportunity to actually put a person behind the different weblogs I have been reading all along. Alas, that is not going to happen. At least, not this year. Sigh.

However, with that said, I am still going to keep an eye on the web site to see if some of the materials from the different panels and presentations would be made available. Lots of great topics to discuss over there, no doubt. I can see as well a whole bunch of IBMers who would be able to make it to the event thus I guess I can bug them as well to provide us with a good overview of how the event went. In any case I am hoping that quite a lot of the folks who would be going to the event of events regarding Collaboration would eventually be weblogging about the event itself. In fact, I have just been to Technorati and I can see a tag for the Collaboration Technologies Conference 2006 event that you can also subscribe to in your RSS feed client, which I have now done as well in order to get a glimpse of what is going on.

If any of you folks out there is planning to make it into the event feel free to ping back this weblog post sharing your thoughts about it from your own weblog as I am sure we would all find it quite an interesting overview of what is going on at the event. I just hope that next year I may find out about it soon enough to be able to make it to the event that time around. We shall see. For the time being time to start asking some of the participants to share with us how the event went ! Stay tuned for further updates on the subject and if you get to make it weblog about it!

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  1. Luis,

    I will be attending the CTC conference and be blogging at Inside the Cubicle. Let me know if you have any questions or I can add any insight. I hope my notes help some.


  2. Hi Jeffrey ! Thanks ever so much for dropping by and for confirming that you would be attending the conference and share your thoughts over at “Inside the Cubicle”. Actually, I wouldn’t have any concrete questions to ask, specially now that you would be attending the event. I have been reading off your blog all along and we do share lots of common interests so I am sure you would be sharing some interesting insights that I could relate to as well. Thus as far as I can see just get there and blog on 😉

    We shall keep on reading !

    PS. Oh, perhaps, one thing you could try to find out some more info on is if some of the different sessions would be recorded and made available out there on the Internet. If so, I am sure most of us would be interested in finding out some more about them. Thanks for checking into this.

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