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Qumana – Making Your Content Readily Available in Your Weblog Without Hardly Any Effort

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For a number of months now I have always been using a third party weblogging tool in order to post content to both of my weblogs, elsua and the Intranet one. So far this tool has been w.bloggar and I must say that my experience with it has been superb! I have gotten so much used to it that I cannot imagine what it would be like to post content to my weblogs without it. I have been using it continuously and somehow I always doubted there would be another weblogging tool capable of being so easy to use and so effective as w.bloggar. Till I bumped into Qumana.

Through a colleague, who has been commenting about it at his own external weblog (Qumana LE), I bumped into Qumana and I just couldn\’t help but to give it a try. More than anything else because I wanted to know if the recently reported issues on xmlrpc API escaping single and double quotes would also be affecting Qumana. So this is the first weblog post using this third party weblogging tool and I must say that while I am writing this post I am finding it extremely easy to use and to set up. It took me hardly any time to create an account for elsua and also for my Intranet weblog, that uses Roller Weblogger, where I have to enter the details manually, as opposed to automatically like it did with elsua . But, still, it didn’t take me more than 3 minutes to sort it out with all the details.

And now while I am actually getting to check the different options available I can see that most of the stuff I have already with w.bloggar are also there but somehow they seem to be showing up a bit more intuitively. I mean, I remember when I first got started using w.bloggar that I had some difficulties both setting up my weblog account and also getting to know all the different options, but with Qumana I guess this is the best you can get as far as a WYSIWYG weblogging editor is concerned. I am glad I found about it today as I was planning to do some further experimenting and try to post into my external weblog through the Admin panel, but I am hoping that now that we have got Qumana it may be able to bypass that issue with Blogsome and post this article into my weblog.

Then if that works I guess I will be continuing to use both of these weblogging tools as see which one would be the winner after some time. Although now that I come to think about it, there is no need for a winner, is there? When I have got two weblogs to maintain and I could use each of them to publish content to the corresponding weblog. Thing is that the one that causes the most trouble would be the one that I would probably hardly ever use from that moment on. We shall see how that turns out to be. First, fingers crossed that this weblog post is going ahead as it is supposed to.

(Quick Update): Well, I knew that the same problem as reported with w.bloggar would still be showing up with Qumana, so I guess this is something that Blogsome would need to have fixed at some point. However, I do like the format in which the weblog post was shared although I still need to apply a couple of tricks here and there. But it will eventually get there. First thing that I notice though is that after posting the content of the article the whole text remains there whereas in w.bloggar it would just post the article and return back a white window to continue posting new content.

Other than that, I think Qumana is really a worth while option in order to post content to your weblog(s), specially if you are looking for an simple user interface but quite effective in how the information gets organised and without having to have any knowledge of how HTML works. Just type as you see fit and publish the content !

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