My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #6

2 thoughts on “My Top 5 iOS Apps of the Week – Week #6”

  1. Hi Luis
    Very interesting summary of Apps here. I find myself totally unsure about the notion of a password manager App. Useful yes, but how secure? The idea of listing all your passwords in one place on your phone/laptop fills me with a certain amount of uncertainty. There is an argument to suggest it is better to forget your passwords and request a new one. That was you are at least changing your password frequently! Do you know of any issues around security and these Apps – or comparison with other password managers over 1Password?
    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Marie-Louise, thanks a lot for dropping by and for the feedback comments! 1Password is one of the most secure apps I can remember from all of the ones I have tried. In fact, if you are using an iOS with a fingerprint secure method for login versus just the pin number, that would be your first secure method of knowing your passwords are in good hands. 1Password takes things into the next level where it would ask you for a dedicated password just to log into the app itself and it will ask for it again within a very short period of time if you leave the app open for whatever the reason, so that’s an additional bonus, but one of the really cool capabilities from the app, which I do like above all other options out there, is that it allows you to create really tough passwords on the go, inside the app, every time you may want or need to change a certain password, so you can always keep them fresh and rather awkward as it generates long combinations to protect the apps / services you use.

      And, finally, one other reason why I enjoy 1Password more than any other password management app is that its prize is rather competitive in terms of extended features and capabilities and still rather affordable.

      Hope that helps, Marie-Louise, let me know if you would need more help or info details. Thanks!!

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