Can IBM Watson Workspace Save Our Productivity?

5 thoughts on “Can IBM Watson Workspace Save Our Productivity?”

  1. I would like to be involved in trying out the workspace, working on how to create a knowledge management and communication system for a large nhs trust in the UK

    1. Hi Julie, thanks a lot for reaching out and for the info request. I have now used the email address you have signed up to leave the above comment and you should receive the invite as we speak to check out the main space for conversations and discussions around Watson Workspace itself. Please do let me know if you didn’t receive the invite and I will take a look.

      Remember as well that Watson Workspace is in pre-view beta status, so plenty of the functionality you would expect as a KM and Comms system may not be there just yet, as we may need to wait for a few more days / weeks, but you can see already some of its capabilities and you could explore the potential with what’s already there, which is really cool!

      Like I said, let me know if you’d need more help or information details or if you didn’t get the invite itself. Thanks again for reaching out and happy chatting! 😀👍🏻

  2. absolutely Luis!
    We’re also excited and you put the focus on Moments… That’s what could make Watson Workspace different from the others.
    Let’s see how it develops and if also the IBM business partners understand the concept. We already hear a lot of complaints around like.. how does it fit with connections? How to integrate, where do we earn money with it etc.. Wrong approach in my eyes..

    1. Hi Sigi, many thanks for dropping by and for the great comments! Greatly appreciated. I am not surprised about the kind of feedback you are hearing about and the commentary you are getting across the board. I, too, have heard about those concerns, and I would say it’s a natural path of trying to figure out how to position it and what will be happening next with it. It’s still very much pre-view beta, so having an answer for all of those questions is a bit too early, I am afraid. I suspect we will have to wait till around January or February next year (Most definitely the IBM Connect event in San Francisco) for the real thing to come along and show us the reality it will be by then.

      For now, it’s pretty much a new kid on the block, still in the making, but with a huge potential already to help improve the way teams connect, share and learn what they are working on and with Watson chiming in as being part of the team it just doesn’t get any better than that, in my books, more than anything else, because, finally, we will be able to see Assisted Intelligence coming into play in the knowledge sharing and collaborative space, and that’s a much needed opportunity to help us all work smarter, without having to keep suffering from all of the clutter and noise out there that typically happens in teams.

      Like I have said in the original blog post, I’m incredibly excited about the massive potential and what WW could do to help us become more effective at what we already do, but I think it’s still a few weeks to go by before we will have final answers to all of those questions you mention above. For now, it’s time to play and explore such potential. Really look forward to finding out, first hand, how things will develop further over next few weeks! 😀👍🏻

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