Working Out Loud with Google Plus – Part Deux

2 thoughts on “Working Out Loud with Google Plus – Part Deux”

  1. Hi Luis,
    Thanks again for lot’s of brain food to think about. And for a pile to read. Just started to click through all the links to get inspired. You also hit a nerve as my company is taking up “social” speed, so working out loud is currently getting stronger.
    Looking forward to read you 🙂

    1. Hi Michael, many thanks for dropping by and for the wonderful feedback comments. And apologies for the long delay on the response, but then again it looks like we are lucky and with perfect timing as this week good friends like Jonathan Anthony, Simon Terry and Austen Hunter have just launched #WOLWeek (Working Out Loud Week) and it looks like a splendid initiative that’s getting lots of traction. I have just posted a blog entry on the topic and from this week onwards, diving into my Google Plus again to pick things up now that client work is just about to get started! Yay!

      Glad the links have been helpful reading as well. I have been curating a whole bunch of them over the course of last couple of years and thought it was a great opportunity to highlight some of that mindshare across for others to dive into and show how it’s picking up more and more, as you well stated above as well. So keep it up and keep pushing for a Working Out Loud corporate environment where publicy, openness and transparency can help us share our knowledge much more effectively and get work done working smarter, not necessarily harder 😀

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