Gran Canaria – Celebrating the Mini-Continent

4 thoughts on “Gran Canaria – Celebrating the Mini-Continent”

  1. Hi,Luis,

    Nice to hear from you that you enjoy your new life very much .Wish your everything is wonderful in the future and let’s keep in touch 🙂

    Best Wishes from QQ

    1. Hi QQ, many thanks for dropping by and for noticing this blog post. Much appreciated! Yes, things are going very well in the new after-IBM life and glad things are going all right with you as well. As we move on, I, too, look forward to further interactions over here and elsewhere to find out plenty more about how things have progressed with you and the rest of the team. Looks like you guys have been buzzing around quite a bit! Take care and yes, please, let’s keep in touch! 🙂

      And thanks again for the kind wishes and for the feedback!

    1. Hi Cameron, if you get a chance to come over to The Canaries, you will surely be able to enjoy both the diversity of each of the islands, as well as their climate. Both Tenerife and Lanzarote are very compelling to visit and with rather unique opportunities to discover great experiences on their own. And the same could be said about Gran Canaria, where I live, as you can see from the link you shared above. And because they are all relatively close to one another you could always hop between the islands while you stay over here in Europe. They are all very well connected with the rest of the European continent, so it’d be worth while a visit, for sure!

      Have a great time and let me know if you’d need further tips or advice on things to do and see while you are over here. Happy to help where I possibly can 😀👍🏻

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