Giving Up Control in the Era of Open Business

5 thoughts on “Giving Up Control in the Era of Open Business”

  1. Fantastic. I’d heard about the speech but not got around to seeing it, so I saw it first here and it’s brilliant and the points you make around it are profoundly true. Every brand in the world is facing this lack on control and giving up control is the greatest leap into the future any brand can make.

  2. Great post from a great speech. I think there’s a couple of other elements here in addition to the audiences’ thirst for stories irrespective of platform:
    1. The ability of the story teller to create something engaging, leading to,
    2. Trust in that story teller (to Spacey’s comment that Netflix had “run their data” and felt confident that the approach would work).
    I wonder would new story tellers without proven track records get the same breaks?

  3. That made me use precious limited bandwidth, but it was worth it.

    Just such a reality check, it makes you wonder where all those who ‘control’ the content stick there head. Certainly not somewhere where they can see the light of day.

    Great find Luis, thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow. This totally relates to a disruptive technology project I’ve been working on, and I can’t wait to share it.

    Many thanks to Rogier for pointing me to it, and Luis for being totally awesome, as always.

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