The Power of Networks in a Complex (Business) World

5 thoughts on “The Power of Networks in a Complex (Business) World”

  1. Very interesting post Louis and a fascinating video with great animations! Thanks very much for sharing.
    I was glad to see out Ancient Greek philosophers put in their proper context as part of our early understanding of the universal structure even if our modern world is not able to accommodate its inherent complexities in the same way ☺
    You highlight the “ complex network of interactions, relationships, contexts, systems “ brilliantly and the video does a wonderful job of explaining how we have arrived at the point we have of interconnectedness.
    The trouble with bacteria is that it is part of a delicate human ecosystem and when the balance becomes compromised it can work against us to make us very ill – Much like our own interactions I suppose!! ☺
    But the analogy with science is always close to my thinking and I value that.

    As an optimist generally I like to think that those who tell me that “open business is a waste of time” don’t actually mean it! What they mean is that they don’t know how to use it effectively and as an unknown quantity it is easier to make that claim rather than admit they may not have the know how or the courage to launch themselves in to it. It can be a frightening thought and a daunting place to be – and I don’t exempt myself!
    Everything takes time – even growing a bacteria culture!

  2. I love this, Luis. The video is transformative. The bacteria example is a mind-blower. This is why we have to improve learning on the system level.

  3. Hi Luis

    I think this is a real belter of a post! Thank you.

    “In reality, little do they know that, after all, whether we like it or not, that knowledge is hyperconnected and that everything around us is a network, a giant network, that’s been with us for millions of years interconnected through one of the most amazing networks of species: Bacteria.”

    I am eagerly waiting for this book to come out later this year:

    Bacteria is another metaphor to add to the metaphors that Sue identifies as part of the ‘language of the internet’ – clouds, rivers, streams, viruses, and bugs.

    Hope you are good end enjoying the summer.

  4. The task today is to understand what both social business and complexity mean. The next management paradigm is going to be based on those two, at the same time“

    We can learn a lot about that emerging mgt paradigm by thinking about how the core principles of OD (organizational development) operate in, and on, a complex system.

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