The Social Revolution – Remember Us

One thought on “The Social Revolution – Remember Us”

  1. Thanks Luis, for this contribution, related to Social Media and the positive possibilities we inherit from using our heart as much as our brains! More and more people understand enough about computers now, to know that what you put in defines what will be the outcome of that input.

    Enough scientific research confirms that our Brain works very much the same way. Our thinking is often key in how we relate to our experiences. And our emotions are strongly influenced by what we THINK is the truth, based on our upbringing, culture and other personal experiences.

    My perception of the world is, that most of us have an experience that lifts us into a positive mindset. When we love any living creature (our partner(s), child(ren), parent(s), pet(s),…) we generally experience a positive emotion.

    Getting to know a person, then liking that person and possibly starting to trust that person, has always been, and still is, at the heart of human communities.

    The more we connect with other people from both our family culture(s) and other cultures, the more we understand our differences and our similarities (

    Indeed I agree: “Balance is Key!”
    And where our mind, our thinking, our programmed routines, sometimes triggers negative beliefs, distrust and passionate opinions about something we read, please let us take a moment to contemplate and give our heart a chance to consider not only the negative interpretation of what we read. When the writer is someone dear to us, someone we trust, would we not consider a positive intention in the message? And when we don’t agree with that message, would we not take some time to find the right words for our personal opinion and feedback on that matter?

    Let’s use our imagination in creating the world that we all would like to live in. A world where competition is not best served with a military approach, but instead with sportsmanship. A world where we respect other living beings, however different they may be.

    “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”
    (Albert Einstein)

    Let us all use our imagination to create the world we really enjoy to live in. The world we would Love our children to live in!

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