How Social Networking Can Improve Work Meetings

One thought on “How Social Networking Can Improve Work Meetings”

  1. For me the distinguishing factor of “was this worth my time” is DID WE GET ANYTHING DONE. That may be decisions, as you noted above. Sometimes talking through a thorny problem. Bouncing half baked ideas like ping pong balls until something resonates. I can do this asynchronously with some people, and with others, we need the real time aspect.

    The second reason to have “meetings” (and I think you need to define that a bit more because the bucket is deep and wide — I think you are talking about WASTED meetings, no?) is to connect as humans. Spend the precious real time minutes with distant collaborators NOT talking about work, but about life, and do the work asynch. Just a few thoughts on a US Holiday where I should NOT be working, but am. I’d add, however, that none of it required a real time meeting. I have been polishing a final product for some desk research w/ my team mate and my clients — all via Google docs with a few emails to tie some loose bits together. I skype chatted with another client at the end of his day, beginning of mine… good, quick check in on status and next steps.

    So let’s not kill “being together” in the name of “no more meetings.” Let’s kill the wasted, power imbalanced stuff, ok?



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