Meet Your New CEO – Your Kid

4 thoughts on “Meet Your New CEO – Your Kid”

  1. Luis, you’re right that email is SO yesterday. The coming generation intuitively understand that it’s ineffective. We,however, remain addicted as it echoes a familar way of working. In five years time we can expect far more texting and IM and far less email. The downside of that – we’ll have to be even more disciplined about zoning from that when we need to focus on our work.

    1. Hi Ara, thanks much for dropping by and for the food feedback comments. Greatly appreciated! That may well be the case, but I am also thinking that we would eventually get doing a lot less work. At least, unnecessary work, like reporting, stuck on back-to-back meetings to do even more reporting, corporate politics and bullying games, never mind carrying out the work of others delegated on to you with you then not getting credit for it and so forth. By interacting much more openly and transparently, through these digital tools, we will have the opportunity to become more effective in our real jobs, versus just dragging along.

      You may want to take a look into this blog post where I am detailing some more how that would work, and how I have been working myself over the course of the last 5 years and counting 🙂

      It’s a brave new world, but, goodness, soooo much more exciting altogether!

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